StuDeepl is an “edutech company” that uses AI and technology to create new value and bring innovation in learning to the world.
Through our ability to develop systems using cutting-edge technology, which we have cultivated since our founding, and our innovative ability to create new businesses, we will realize a society where education is available anytime, anywhere, regardless of environment, as long as there is a desire to learn, and realize the future style of learning.
In the future, we intend to develop various businesses that will have a significant impact on society, such as the operation of tutoring schools that embody a new type of active learning in which students teach each other in a metaverse (virtual space) and the operation of online games.

Education Technology Projects

StuDeepl released the online prep school “Tadayobi” in April 2020 and released the AI coaching service “Passport to Success” in August 2022 with the vision of “correcting educational disparities due to income and regional disparities” and “advocating future learning styles”.
We are developing the best learning service that combines both “input” and “output” necessary for learning.
In the future, we plan to expand our services in various fields such as high school entrance examinations, junior high school entrance examinations, early childhood education, certification examinations, and Japanese language education, as well as overseas expansion into Southeast Asia and North America, where university entrance examinations are competitive.



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Content Development Business

As an “IP platformer” and “IP manufaturer,” we are developing content in the game-based learning market that is worth investing in, based on our technological capabilities cultivated through the development of casual game applications that utilize well-known IP. In the future, we plan to develop gamification applications that utilize game engines and serious game applications that help solve social issues such as education.

Overseas Business

We will promote horizontal development of our original business model (in-house IP) in the global domain.
Specifically, we will sell the planning and development package of “TADA-Yobi,” an online preparatory school for university entrance examinations that utilizes YouTube, to Asian countries such as India, South Korea, Vietnam, and Thailand, where university entrance examinations are fierce, mainly for B-to-B sales.
In addition, by establishing a monetization model utilizing IP, we promise to deliver joy and excitement to everyone around the world by building a system that attracts IP in various fields, regardless of genre or media.

Metaverse Business

We will develop a metaverse (virtual space) platform and proactively develop a comprehensive commerce business, starting with the operation of virtual tutoring schools.