StuDeepl Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) expresses the following compliance policy in order to achieve sustainable development while fulfilling its social responsibilities and to realize its management philosophy.

1. Compliance with laws and social norms

・ We will comply with business laws and social norms and conduct fair transactions.
・ All officers and employees will be aware of themselves as members of society and will act in a modest manner.
・ Our company regularly conducts compliance education for employees and strives to disseminate it.

2. Pursuit of customer satisfaction and improvement of trust

・ We will keep the customer’s intention and give a sufficient explanation about the services we provide.
・ We understand customer needs and develop and provide services with excellent safety and quality.
・ We aim to be a company that constantly creates new value and continues to give joy and excitement to our customers.

3. Strict management of information and thorough confidentiality

・ Information acquired through business will be strictly managed in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
・ We will build a high-level security environment and provide safe and secure services.
・ Strictly comply with the stipulated laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information.

4. Appropriate and prompt information disclosure

・ Promptly disclose appropriate information to increase the transparency of corporate management.
・ We will handle our information properly and will not conduct insider trading.
・ We will carry out appropriate accounting treatment and report highly reliable business conditions.

5. Maintaining sound and fair business relationships

・ We will not do business with antisocial forces such as gangsters and sokaiya.
・ We will maintain a fair and free business relationship with our business partners and will not make unreasonable demands.
・ We will respect the intellectual property rights of third parties and use them appropriately.

6. Environmental conservation and management’s problem-solving attitude

・ Strictly comply with labor-related laws and regulations, and create a safe, healthy and comfortable workplace.
・ We will strive to prevent various harassment activities and maintain a highly moral working environment.
・ If a situation that violates this policy occurs, the management will try to solve the problem.

StuDeepl Inc.
Tadashi Tsukao, President and Director Representative