StuDeepl Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) handles personal information (defined below) provided by you as follows.

Definition of personal information

We use personal information in connection with information about living individuals (name, date of birth, and other information that can identify a specific individual) as stipulated in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information. It is defined as information such as e-mail address, user ID, password, credit card, etc., and personal information such as hobbies, family structure, age, and other personal attribute information.

Handling of cookies and IP address information

We do not define cookies and IP address information as personal information because they cannot identify and identify a specific individual by themselves, but we will use it in association with the personal information that you have already provided. It may be.

Customers can select settings such as “Delete stored cookies” and “Do not accept cookies” depending on the function of the browser you are using. However, if you delete the stored cookies or select the setting to disable the cookie function, some functions may be restricted or the functions cannot be used normally on the websites and services provided by our company. there is.

Compliance with laws and regulations

We will comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and this Privacy Policy regarding the acquisition, use and other handling of personal information.

In addition, if there is a provision different from this privacy policy on the individual website where you provide personal information, or in the notice presented individually when you provide it, that provision shall be applied preferentially.

Purpose of acquisition and use of personal information

We acquire personal information by legal and fair means, and use personal information for the purposes specified below.

In addition, if we intend to use personal information for purposes other than those specified below, we will individually announce or notify you when we acquire personal information.

Customer’s personal information

    1. To provide services used by customers (hereinafter referred to as “services”)
    2. To use the service, support the purchased products, inform you of campaigns, etc., and conduct questionnaires
    3. To announce information about products and services sold and provided by the Company and its partner companies (hereinafter referred to as “partner companies”) that are outsourced to the Company.
    4. To create statistical data (in a format that cannot identify individuals) regarding service usage
    5. To prevent the use of services in a manner that violates the terms of use, etc. related to the services specified separately by the Company
    6. To respond to inquiries from customers

Personal information of recruitment applicants

    1. To contact recruitment applicants
    2. To be used as a selection material for recruitment applicants to see if they meet our recruitment requirements
    3. Statistical data for future recruitment activities

Retention period of personal information

We set the retention period of personal information to the extent necessary for the purpose of use, and after the retention period elapses or achieves the purpose of use, we will delete or destroy the personal information in an appropriate manner without delay.

Security management measures for personal information

We will take necessary and appropriate safety management measures and strive to improve them in order to prevent leakage, loss, and damage of personal information.

Consent to disclosure of personal information to third parties

In any of the following cases, we will ask you to approve in advance that we will disclose personal information to a third party.

    1. Include provision to third parties in the purpose of use
    2. Items of information provided to third parties
    3. Means or method of provision to a third party
    4. Stop providing personal information to third parties at the request of the person

However, the following cases do not correspond to the third parties specified above.

    1. When we outsource all or part of the handling of personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use
    2. When personal information is provided due to business succession due to merger or other reasons
    3. In the case of joint use of personal information with a specific person, the fact and the items of personal information used jointly, the scope of the joint use person, the purpose of use of the user and the relevant person When the person is notified in advance of the name or name of the person responsible for the management of personal information, or the person is in a state where he / she can easily know it.

Publication of matters related to personal information

We will keep the following matters related to personal information in a state that the person can know, and will reply without delay at the request of the person.

However, this excludes those that are not obliged by the law on the protection of personal information.

If you decide not to answer, we will notify you without delay.

    1. Purpose of use of personal information
    2. Inquiry window regarding personal information

Correction of personal information

If the person requests correction, addition or deletion (hereinafter referred to as “correction, etc.”) of the content because the personal information is not true, special procedures will be stipulated by the provisions of other laws and regulations. Unless otherwise specified, we will conduct necessary investigations without delay within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use, and based on the results, we will correct the contents of personal information.

Suspension of use of personal information

The Company uses the personal information of the person because the personal information of the person is handled beyond the purpose of use announced in advance, or because it was obtained by deception or other improper means. If you are requested to suspend or delete (hereinafter referred to as “suspension of use, etc.”), we will conduct the necessary investigation without delay, and based on the result, we will suspend the use of personal information and notify the person to that effect. I will.

However, if there is a large amount of cost for suspending the use of personal information, or if it is difficult to suspend the use of personal information, and if necessary alternative measures can be taken to protect the rights and interests of the individual. Takes this alternative.

Supervision of employees and contractors

We appoint a manager for each department that handles personal information, and the manager manages personal information appropriately.

Only officers and employees who have the authority to access personal information and are properly educated will handle it.

We may outsource the business of handling personal information to a third party to the extent necessary for the purpose of using personal information.

In that case, we will oblige the contractor to handle personal information appropriately in contracts, etc., and will supervise the contractor as necessary and appropriate.

Continuous efforts

We will endeavor to continuously improve the handling of personal information through the maintenance and review of internal regulations and the implementation of education.

Please note that this privacy policy may be revised in accordance with related laws and changes in the environment, so please check it regularly.

How to Contact Us

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